Basic Carnatic music vocal exercises to culture your voice

Voice Culture in Carnatic Music - Basic

This course is designed to enable laymen as well as music students of any genre to culture their voice through basic vocal exercises in Karnātic Music. These exercises are structured in three octaves, thereby giving the student felicity and range. The vocal exercise techniques used are unique to Karnātic Music and incorporate those to regulate breathing. The fitness module included in this course has been designed with voice culture in mind.

This course is for you if you:

  • Want to improve your singing techniques.
  • Are a musician of any genre who wants to culture your voice.
  • Are a Theatre or cine artist who wants to improve the throw of your voice.

Value Add:

  • The course provides a repository of Thambūra Śhruthis, Audio downloads for Sing along practice, an exclusive fitness module and Practical assignments.
  • Step by step instructional videos.
  • Meet your Teacher sessions for corrections.
  • Authentic notations for reference.
  • Glossary.
  • Ability to record yourself and submit for corrections.
  • Access to forums, blogs, chats and community portal.


A prominent Carnatic classical vocalist, his captivating voice, clarity in diction, uncompromising adherence of tradition and unique style have evoked unqualified approbation of all listeners. He has had his initial training under Mahalakshmi Natarajan (Bombay) and Sharada Satyanarayana and later under R.R.Keshavamurthy, T.V.Gopalkrishnan, S.Rajam and P.S.Narayanaswamy.

  • An A grade All India Radio artist ; He is an empanelled artist of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), Govt of India and he has performed and given workshops & lecture demonstrations in USA, UK, Germany, France, Holland, Austria, Russia, Singapore and Malaysia.
  • Ramprasadh has composed music for documentary films, cassettes and dance productions. Kosmic Music, Music Today, HMV, Times Music, Amutham Inc of USA, Lahari, Sangeetha have also released his audio albums.
  • He has been awarded with the titles Asthāna Vidhwān of the Kānchi Kāmakōṭi Pīṭham, Kānchipuram ; Nādha Vallabha ; Gāyana Gandharva ; Gānakalā Viśhārada and Youth Excellence Award, from Rotary Club of Madras. He has also received Best Vocalist awards from Music Academy, Kriṣhṇa Gāna Sabhā and Indian Fine Arts Society in successive years.
  • He has been training several students in India and abroad. He has contributed articles on music to various publications and conducted music appreciation programs in Bangalore and Chennai.
  • A Cost Accountant, Lawyer and Masters in Music by qualification, he has chosen music as his profession and is married to Indira Kadambi, a well known Bharathanatyam artiste with whom he established Ambalam, Centre for Performing Arts in Chennai.

Varalakshmi Anandakumar

Varalakshmi Anandkumar had her initial training from her aunt Smt Maragatham Ramaswamy,presently Founder of the Ragamalika music school in Washington, U.S.A. Later she underwent training from the legendary Sri D.K.Jayaraman and became one of his foremost disciples.

Presently, she is under the tutelage of Sri P.S.Narayanaswamy and Sri Srimushnam Raja Rao.

An A grade artiste of All India Radio Chennai, she is a regular performer at concert platforms as well as on the radio and television. She has given programmes in all the Sabhas in Chennai round the year and at the music festival. She has toured the length and breadth of India and has visited Australia, Singapore and the Gulf.

She has participated in prestigious programmes of the AIR like the National programme of Music and the South Zone Hook up.

Having won innumerable prizes at music competitions at all the prestigious venues in Chennai, she has brought home three tambura prizes including the Rajaji Tambura awarded at the Tamil Isai Sangam. She has also been awarded prizes for concerts at the Gokulashtami series of the Sri Krishna Gana Sabha and the December series at the Music Academy.

She was given an Award of Excellence by the sabha Hamsadhwani for ‘her excellent performance in the music series’ of 2008-2009.

Varalakshmi has written a book ‘Janaranjakam’, a compilation of 50 notations of songs popularized by Sri D.K.Jayaraman, published by the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan and brought out by the D.K.J Foundation.

Armed with a PhD in French, holding the post of Associate Professor in French at the Queen Mary’s College, Chennai, Varalakshmi proves that it is possible to excel in two fields at the same time.

Bhagyalakshmi Suresh

Bhagyalakshmi Suresh is an experienced carnatic vocalist and a senior desciple of Vidushi Late Smt. Sulochana Pattbhiraman.

Born and brought up in Delhi ,She had her initial training under shri Sengalipuram Ramamurthy. In Chennai She had a great privilege of learning under stalwarts like MLV, Prof S R Janakiraman, B Rajam Iyer and Vairamangalam Lakshmi Narayanan.

She is a B high graded artiste of AIR chennai .She is also a scholarship holder of the Sahitya kala parishad, Delhi for advanced training in music.

She has participated in various competitions including the prestigious All India Inter Ministry Competition, All India Radio Competition and has won several prizes and accolades. She is the recipient of sangeetha rathna from The Music Academy and has bagged the best concert award in the year 1989. She has performed extensively in all the sabhas of Chennai and also in many other places and temples through out India.Her thematic presentation on Kamba Ramayanam, verses tuned by her has won world wide recognition. She is the founder of Ganapriya School of Music and trains around 50 students in India and abroad. She is a post graduate in Mathematics from Delhi university with a B.Ed.


  • Introduction to Fitness
  • Introduction to Yoga
  • Nutrition
  • Warm-up & Stretches
  • Yoga - Basic breathing techniques and Pranayama
  • Voice related Yoga and Asanas for musicians

Practice :

  • Swaraval
  • Dattu Swaravali
  • Sthayi Swaravali – Dhwi, Thri, Thara and Mandhra
  • Kalapram an a Swaravali

Theory :

  • Musical Instruments in Carnatic Music – Paper I ( Tambura)
  • Indian Music-Introduction and History
  • Introduction to Carnatic music
  • Tala Paper- I
  • Composers in Carnatic Music - Paper I (Purandara Dasa)
  • Raga Lakshana of Mayamalavagaula

The curriculum

  • has been designed by expert performers in collaboration with eminent musicologists.
  • is structured to ensure logical progression in learning.
  • lays emphasis on grooming performance skills with a well balanced and scientific dose of Theory.

The syllabus

  • is structured with the student in mind with step by step analysis of the lessons supported by demonstrative videos as also general & applied theory.
  • is structured keeping the holistic focus in mind, the students learn Yoga, alongside.


  • Anyone 10 yrs and above with an interest to culture their voice can take up the course.

* In the age group 10-12, the students require adult guidance to assist them in understanding any theory portions and some practical portions.


  • Students have to periodically submit assignments given by the faculty. At the end of every module, they have to complete both sets of assignments –theory (objective type Q & A) and practical (Online).
  • They will have to send video recordings of the completed curriculum-practical for private evaluation.
  • In the 15 “Meet your teacher” slots, they will be given clarification on doubts, guidance on errors and any other support as relevant.
  • Attendance is mandatory on all days (Meet Your Teacher slots).
  • If the learner is absent on any day, due to any reason, they undertake the responsibility to revise from the study material themselves.
  • The final assessment is mandatory for certification.
  • The final assessment should be completed within two weeks of course completion, failing which re-examination charges will be levied.

Note: Read eAmbalam’s Academic Policy for detailed understanding.

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  • I can play the lessons multiple times until I understand it clear.

    Also the Practice lessons are available for download which helps me to practice anytime.

    Teacher interaction, Doubt clarification, chat with other students after class hours; view class schedule and other events in calendar feature; maintain one’s own schedules in the calendar make it great.

    I don’t have to use different software for recording and uploading as video recordings can be made through built in You Tube record and upload feature in the course page.

    Ability to post our own blogs, read different articles posted till date, discussion among everyone in the portal help the student.

    - Vikash Achutaramaiah, Student – Basic Diploma in Karnatic Music.

  • The course contents are fantastic. There is lot of detail which is great! The design and structure of the course is very good. Regarding the scope and extent of the course, both the written and oral communication is very clear. Assignments make sure that the student is doing the self study correctly. The Meet Your Teacher session is a great way to interact. The feedback received from teachers on submitted videos, helps improvement.

    - Vyass Ramakrishnan (U.S.A)
  • TVR has the ability to identify and recognize the students’ strong points in singing and has nurtured them to advance further. He is also adept in identifying the areas of improvement for the students and carefully orchestrates a suitable method for the student to practice to help the student get better. He is open, communicative, easy to follow/learn, honest in feedback, tailored to students needs. TVR is very sensitive to students needs, an accommodating teacher.

    - Lakshmi Gopalachar (U.S.A)
  • TVR sir has been a great teacher and very understanding of my needs, being an overseas student with limited resources. He is extremely patient and really ensures we sing each and every line with clarity and perfection. His teaching style is gentle yet firm and focused. He also encourages and chides at just the right times...which really motivated me to try and push my boundaries, like attempt a new Swaram or Raga prayoga that I may have not felt confident earlier. Though it's not easy to emulate his singing, he really pushes us to aim for that level. Learning from TVR sir has really improved my singing overall and am happy with my progress.

    - Shruthi Jayaraman (Canada)
  • Mr. Ramprasadh's musical knowledge and teaching efforts have helped my children Avinash and Ashwini understand the basics of carnatic music.  We appreciate his efforts in keeping up the time commitment and teaching methodology to best fit children's need. Learning long distance is difficult and can be frustrating at times.  Mr.Ramprasadh accommodates his best to overcome those difficulties.  My kids are happy to learn carnatic music from Mr.Ramprasadh.

    - Dharmesh and Sadhna Murthy (U.S.A)
  • Overall e-learning had made a significant difference for a working woman like me to, who has busy work and family life, by making Sangeetham available at a doorstep. I have improved overall understanding, of music at a different but higher level and try to improve from milestones level. Overall learning from TVR sir has been wonderful, who makes sure that I learn it properly, no matter how simple or complicated the song is, he is a perfectionist, and gives strong effort to pass this heritage on to his students.

    - Sailaja (U.S.A)


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