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Yoga Therapy for Constipation

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Yoga Therapy for Constipation

In this course, Yogic techniques are used to address Constipation problems. Using the sequence of Asana and Pranayama recommended in this course will help to reduce or completely eliminate some or all of the symptoms related to Constipation.
In our online course on yoga therapy, we shall attempt to address some health issues that are very common to our times, owing to the unnatural lifestyles of the majority of the population. Yoga, though not primarily meant to be a healing system, has the potential to heal many diseases. Therapeutic use of yoga techniques is so popular today that many think yoga is only a kind of alternate therapy! The shat kriyas of hata yoga especially, are designed to bring the body back to balance.
The course has been designed by experienced practitioners to suit your needs. The course has excellent demonstration videos, step by step detailed learning videos using Props, demonstration of commonly done mistakes followed by postural corrections, one to one interaction with the faculty and much more.
The course duration is 12 weeks with 12 one to one sessions with the instructor. If the students wish to extend the course, contact admin@eambalam.com for more details. Conditions apply.
About Constipation:
Constipation is a common gastro-intestinal problem where there is restricted bowel movement. Those suffering from constipation pass hard, dry and interrupted stools, making bowel movements extremely painful and energy consuming. Constipation is basically caused when the stool spends too much of time in the colon and is not moving forward. Toxins from improper stool find their way into the blood stream and are then carried to all parts of the body. In chronic cases this problem can give way to serious diseases as rheumatism, arthritis, piles, high blood pressure and even cancer.
Common Symptoms: Irregular or difficulty in discharging stool; Bad breath; Insomnia; Heart burn; Depression; Loss of appetite; Mouth ulcers or thick coating on tongue; Headache; Nausea
Causes: Inadequate intake of water and high fiber diet; Improper and irregular eating habits; Insufficient chewing of food; Emotional disturbance; Lack of physical activity; Weak abdominal muscles
For more details regarding the course, write to admin@eambalam.com
Thank you!
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