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a type of sabhaa gaanam, one of the most important types of songs with broad scope for neraval, kalpanaa swaras. They have a pallavi, anupallavi and at least 1 caraNam (or may have a samaashTi caraNa) with the same or different swara patterns in the caraNas. They can be either about God or about worldly matters and range over 1 1/2 to 2 staayis. They can have any eDuppu (sama, before or after), and are there to understand the swaroopam of the raaga. They may have sangatis, madhyama kaala saahitya, citta swaras, swara saahitya, solkaTTu swaras, swaraksharams, gamakas, gOpucca yati, srotovaaha yati etc. as embellishments

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