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Yoga Courses – Overview

Welcome to eAmbalam’s online course on traditional yoga!

Yoga is for anyone who is willing to learn its ways and enjoy it’s amazing results. What it requires is the will to have a healthier, stress-free self. Yoga facilitates a healthy body and a discipliined mind. Many start yoga as the way to a healthy and fit body. It is as much valid as an approach to yoga as the approach of a spiritual seeker. Everyone, irrespective of their cultural background, age and physical fitness levels, can now aspire to learn from eAmbalam’s unique online courses on traditional yoga at their own convenient time & place.

Yoga is understood as the method of right living that uplifts us physically, mentally, and spiritually. In Yoga, the body is treated with care and respect for it is the primary instrument in man’s work and growth. Yoga greatly emphasizes on physical cleanliness and posture based resilience training.

Ancient masters of yoga developed breathing techniques based on the understanding of how breathing patterns are intimately connected to different processes of life. By mastering the breath and expanding the attention to the unconscious processes that drive the breathing, the body and mind become fit for meditative practices of yoga.

Here we are attempting to bring you to the original framework of yoga one gets exposed to when learning as a ‘Shishya’  (traditionally committed disciple) under an Aacharya’ (traditional teacher), in a traditional setting. The knowledge and spirit of yoga you get in this e-learning platform is kept as authentic to the tradition as possible, a rare thing in online learning.

However, it is a journey by itself to arrive at the strictly traditional approach to mastering an asana or any yoga technique for that matter. The practice of yogasanas with props is a modern approach that facilitates this journey by accelerating the readiness of our body.  We have hence incorporated this approach too for the benefit of a wide spectrum of learners.

The online course is a blended e-learning platform. Students are provided with high quality Step-by-Step learning videos along with downloadable Theory PDF’s, Glossary, etc., “Meet your teacher sessions” is a unique feature of e-Ambalam’s online courses.

Students learn by watching the video lessons, which are accessible 24X7 and present the same during one on one weekly online class with the instructors to enhance their learning. Some intermediate & advance courses are done one to one under direct supervision of the instructors.

eAmbalam offers 5 different types of Yoga courses:

  1. General Yoga – Level 1 & Level 2 (6 months) – Students who are 12 year with parental guidance and 18+ years
  2. Modular courses in Yoga (4 weeks to 12 weeks) – Students who are 12 year with parental guidance and 18+ years
  3. Yoga Therapy courses (6 weeks to 16 weeks) – Students who are 12 year with parental guidance and 18+ years
  4. Yoga for Dancers (6 month course) – Students who are 12 year with parental guidance and 18+ years
  5. Yoga for musicians (4 month course) – Students who are 12 year & above with parental guidance and 18+ years

These courses are for you if you are

  • A beginner student
  • A student who is already practicing and like to fine tune your skills

The course could be done with or without certification. If students need a certificate for each stage, they should complete the course and take an assessment at the end of every course.

If the students have time, they can come to Chennai for on ground classes as well and enjoy the best of both the worlds.

Choose the course & Enroll now! Happy eLearning at eAmbalam!