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Yoga – FAQs

General Questions

I am very stiff. Can I do Yoga?

Yoga is a journey within and flexibility doesn’t really matter. All practitioners are at different stages of this journey. There is no need to worry too much about your physical limitations. Gradually with constant practice, you will be able to overcome them. The important thing is to build awareness irrespective of your flexibility level.

In our courses we have shown how to take assistance of props such as bricks, belts, blankets etc., to make Yoga easy for all. So, irrespective of your flexibility, you will be able to practice.

I already work out in gym. Why should I practice Yoga?

Yoga is not a mere physical activity, which you do to keep your physical body healthy. In the modern world, our body and our actions dictate our mind. Although Yoga in the beginning looks like just another physical activity, Yoga is actually a tool to go deeper within to understand our-selves.

Will yoga help in curing my ailment- back pain, thyroid, arthritis, etc?

It has been proved that consistent practice of Yoga cures those ailments. You can check out our Therapy courses for some of the courses we offer for specific ailments. If you don’t find courses for your ailments, then you can contact us and we shall see whether we can help you with your ailment.

Will yoga help me de-stress?

Yoga as an exercise not only works at physical level but beyond that Yogic practices will activate our parasympathetic nervous system, which will calm our mind.

I drink alcohol, eat non-vegetarian, and smoke a lot. Can I do Yoga?

You can begin the Yoga journey at any point. Gradually, with constant practice, your habits will change and you will move towards a healthier lifestyle.

Will Yoga force me to adopt any religion?

Yoga is a way of life and journey to get connected with our body, mind and energy within us. It is not a religion and will not force anyone to adopt any religion. It is open for all.

What is the mode of online classes? Is it On-line recorded video tutorials? Is it On-line text instructions? Is it one on one interaction or online group class?

All of the above. We have carefully blended best of the technology to deliver the courses through online video tutorials, online text instruction with regular one to one interaction sessions with the teacher.

Do I pay per class or pay for the whole course?

You will be paying for the whole course, which includes video tutorials, weekly or bi-weekly interaction sessions with the teacher, and text based tutorials. There are flexible payment options too. Look into the pricing & payment options in our website for further details or write to admin@eambalam.com.

Is there a fixed timing and fixed day of week or can I take the training whenever needed?

Once you pay the fee for the course, you will be provided with login name and password to access the course. You can access the course 24X7 at your convenient time. However, one to one interaction with the teacher has to be scheduled depending on convenient time slot of the teacher & yourself.

Can I miss one or two classes? What will happen if I miss, in case I am stuck at work or in an emergency? How do I catch up?

You need to inform the teacher 48 hours in advance if you want to reschedule the class. In case of emergency, you need to call and inform the teacher. Otherwise, it will be considered as class taken. Repeated excuses will not be accepted.

Can I take the course at my own pace, or do I need to go at your course pace?

The course is self-paced but has to be completed with-in the scheduled time period. We have provided sufficient time to finish the course. In case of emergency, please contact the admin & they would help you in solving the issue.

How do you handle time zone differences between my country and instructor's?

Yes, as teachers are from India, there will be time zone difference with respect to other countries. Time zone differences will impact only one on one interaction session with the teacher. A convenient time slot for teacher and student has to be worked out between student and teacher individually.

Do I need high speed Internet?

Please go through our technical specifications before starting the course.

Do I need a webcam?

Yes, webcam is required for interaction session with the teacher.

Do I need a Mike?

Yes, mike is required for interaction session with the teacher.

How do you resolve any doubts that I have?

You can note down the questions you have and discuss them with the teacher during your one on one interaction session.

How do I connect with my teacher?

Over skype.

How often will I have interaction with the teacher? What if I need more assistance?

Depending of the course you opt for, you will have weekly or bi-weekly interaction for half hour to one hour as part of the course. If you need more sessions, then those additional sessions will be charged extra.

The interaction sessions with the teacher are to understand your practice, address your concerns, and to fine-tune your practice. Don’t use these sessions to learn something new from the beginning. Use other materials provided to learn before attending the interaction sessions with the teacher.

Do I get to email my teacher?

Yes, if you think your question or concern is hampering your practice, you can contact over email. Keep the email interaction as brief and to the point as possible. Don’t expect that the question, which needs detailed explanation will be answered over email. We would advise you to note down all the questions and ask them during your interaction session with the teacher.

Do I need to do self-Practice after the tutorials? Is it Mandatory?

Yes. All the content we are providing is to teach you and aid you in your practice. We cannot learn by just watching videos or reading some instruction. Use these materials to learn and do your self-practice to assimilate and understand the practice.

Real learning will come from our personal practice. Only when you practice, you will understand the instructions more clearly and will be clarity the question what arises out of your practice with your teacher.

How do I know whether I doing it right when I do self-practice?

You do your best to follow the instruction in the video and other materials provided. We will be providing detailed recordings about common mistakes and how to correct them or simplify them using some basic props. Apart from this, your practice will be studied and corrected by the teacher during the interaction sessions. After learning each asana you will be uploading the video for the teacher to check and recommend changes as required. Alternately, you could perform the Asana that you have learnt during your meeting with the teacher online. All these should help everyone to do the practice safely and correctly.

We need to understand that no amount of instruction or material will help us unless we put our effort to learn from self-practice. As long as we are aware of what we are doing, the practice will be safe and right. If we try to compete against our self or try to overdo something, which we are not yet ready, then chances of injury are more.

Will there be a video correction session after tutorials?

Some of the common mistakes are already part of course material. The teacher will provide specific corrections & instructions during interaction session online.

Can I come and meet the teacher in person, if possible?

Yes, you can meet the teacher in person if it is feasible for you. You need to check with the availability of teacher before planning your travel. These sessions are not considered as part of the online course and therefore will be charged extra.

How do we communicate and co-ordinate for the classes? It might so happen, that I might get stuck in an emergency and may not be able to come to class. Same is the case with teacher. Is there a common platform or chat facility?

You need to correspond with the teacher through email. In emergency, you need to call Ambalam / teacher & inform.

Do I get different teacher on every class, or will there be a single teacher through out?

Once a teacher is assigned for your interaction session, we shall try to retain the same teacher throughout your course. Even if there is a need, we shall try to keep change to the minimum. You can always get back to us, if you have any problem with teacher and we shall try to address the problem.

What if I am dis-satisfied with the services and I wish to change the teacher or quit the course?

You can always get back to us if you have any problem with teacher and we shall try to address the problem to make sure your learning is on right track. eAmbalam always offers the best to its students. Once enrolled, student will not get any refund of the fee paid. Please read all the rules & regulations before enrolling for the course.

Can I make specific request custom to my needs, or will it be a standard course?

We have specific courses for therapy depending of your need and two general courses in Yoga (Level -1 and Level -2). Apart from this if you have any other specific needs, you can share it with us. We shall try to accommodate if it is with-in our scope and ideology.

Is there any evaluation at the end of course to see whether student has progressed?

If you are taking general course, your consistence practice is the best way to evaluate yourself and the teacher will evaluate your practice during each interaction session. If you are taking therapy course, you will be able to see the improvement in your ailment by following the instructions from the course.
However there will be some basic evaluation at the end of the general course to evaluate your theoretical understanding.

What do I do if I experience any pain or discomfort while undertaking the course?

As long as you are following the instruction provided in the course materials, you are not competing against yourself to do more quickly, and you are doing the practice with complete awareness of your actions, we will ensure that the practice will be safe. In spite of all this, if some pain arises then you can immediately stop the practice you are doing and contact your teacher. Sometimes we have to go through the pain to do something but clarify about the kind of pain you are facing with your teacher before you continue further. Depending on what you are going through, your teacher may suggest some alternatives or way to relieve the pain.

Do you get a certificate at the end?

Yes. If you need any certification, you need to take online assessment at the end of the course.

Is it a continual learning course without an end date, or it has a pre-defined start date and end date?

You can start the course at any time. After you enroll, the day you have course orientation will be the starting date of your course. If you wish to extend the course by a month, then you need to pay additional fee. Contact admin for more details.

Can I take the course through Mobile or Tab?


What is the syllabus covered in the Yoga course?

Please refer to the course description for more details.

Can I discontinue for some time and then continue the course later?

If you can give us a valid reason for dis-continuity & inform well in advance, you could break the course just once in between. During the break, your course login will be disconnected. Once you email us with the date of resuming the course, you will be connected back to the course.

What if I lose Internet connectivity in between the session?

We will try our best to sort out the issue from both ends. Otherwise, we may have to reschedule the class on another day. If yours is half hour session, if you have finished 15 minutes, then next 15 minutes can be scheduled on another day or your next session can be extended by 15 minutes.

When can I start/join the class?

You can enroll anytime from anywhere that is convenient for you. After enrolling, depending on mutual understanding with the teacher, you can start your classes.

How do I register for the course?

Visit the section that you are interested to enroll. Before enrolling, read our course descriptions, FAQ’s, terms, policies, rules & regulations carefully. If you have any difficulty in choosing the course, email admin with complete details of your requirement. Admin will either arrange a Skype session with the faculty or email you back. Then, Enroll.

How do I practice at home without props?

You can use available resources at home as a prop. You can be creative to find something, which will act as a prop. Else you can always purchase props from www.yogavijnana.in website or any Yoga shop nearby to your place.

Should I practice in empty stomach?

You should not eat solid food before the practice. You should give 2-hours gap after light meal and 3 hours after heavy meal. But you can drink some liquid such as water or milk before the practice. It is recommended to drink water as the first thing in the morning.

Therapy Courses

Is it possible to learn therapeutic form of Yoga for a particular ailment online?

The course has been designed by experienced practitioners to suit your needs. The course has excellent step by step detailed learning videos along with pros & cons of Asanas, usage of props for those who are challenged, do’s and don’ts of Asanas, one to one interaction with the faculty and much more. With the detailed instruction we have provided, you should be able to learn Yoga for your ailments online.

What all ailments do you handle in therapy course?

Presently, we have designed the course for the following ailments – Acidity, Asthma, Constipation, Diabetes, Head ache, High blood pressure, Indigestion & Insomnia. If you are looking for some other ailments, then you can contact us directly. We shall let you know whether we can handle your specific requirement.

Once I start therapy, should I stop all other medication?

We would advise you to continue with your medication at the beginning. Slowly with practice as you feel better with your symptoms, you can reduce the medication and eventually stop them. We would recommend you to be in touch with your family physician as you practice Yoga.

Can I practice during my menstrual cycle?

Yes. But there are some Asanas that you should not do during the menustral cycle. You can discuss this with the teacher before the practice.

How Do I enroll for Therapy course?

Under Yoga Therapy, before enrolling, read our course descriptions, FAQ’s, terms, policies, rules & regulations carefully. You have to fill up the form that is available on the website before enrolling. Admin later will arrange a Skype session with the faculty or email you with faculty’s instructions after which you can enroll for the course.