How It Works

The concerts will be broadcast live and also placed in archives for later viewing.

You can watch the concerts with two options: Pay per concert or Pay annual subscription.
  • If you opt for the first, you can watch the current concert and once at that.
  • If you opt for the second, you can watch the current concert and also have unlimited access to all archives.
Upon registration, access to the concert is given through key on your mail and a link, both on payment confirmation.

Concerts related to Music, Dance and other performing arts are stored in our archives.

All concerts will be streamed through state of the art servers which even provide the viewers a chat box to interact with each other during the concert.

Viewing of concerts may depend on the broadband speed at the users end.

In case the viewer has opted for a concert and due to server problems at our end, there is a problem, we will give the user access to view the concert from the archives later.

(In case of being an annual subscriber, this facility is automatically enabled)


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