Swarajathis in Karnātic Music

Swarajathis in Karnātic Music

Swarajathis are similar to Jathiswaras (SwaraPallavi) but with a critical difference: Swarajathi includes the Sahitya (lyrics) that a Jathiswara does not. These are learnt after learning Geethas and before Varnams. These are scholarly compositions and their Dhathu has the Raga Bhava.

So this gives a student a feeling of having sung a real song for the first time. This is the stage where the student is now exposed to the grammar of Carnatic: tala, raga, and the different rhythms a swara (notes) to be sung in different tempos. Reaching this stage is a very important milestone for a student learning this genre.

We, at eAmbalam, have devised a course entirely on Swarajathis. We teach them as it appears in Bilahari and Khamach ragas. The two months course is through step by step instructional videos and teacher interactions – both seamlessly blended to enrich your learning experience. And every student feels the excitement of gaining ground on reaching this milestone.

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