Online Carnatic Music

Online Carnatic Music

Experience the joy of learning Carnatic Music in a systematic manner from experienced teachers from Chennai and earn a valid certificate through Online Carnatic Music courses. You could choose from

  • Diploma Course (Basic Diploma 4 years / Advanced Diploma 3 years)
  • Short Term Certificate Courses
  • Grade System for Kids and Adults (no certification required)
  • One to One Virtual classes

Choose from the following courses from

Carnatic Music – List of courses Duration
Basic Diploma (Age: 15 years & above) 4 years
Advance Diploma 3 years
Grade system of learning: Age – Kids 7 years & above; for Adults 8 years
Short term certificate courses:
Appreciation course in Karnātic Music 21 days
Notation writing 1 month
Voice Culture in Karnatic Music – Basic & Advanced 10 month
Alapana, Swara – Manodharma Level -1 6 months
Alapana, Swara, Neraval – Manodharma Level – 2 6 months
Thaanam & Virutham – Manodharma Level – 3 6 months
Varnams –Adhi Thaala – set of 3 3 months
Varnams – Atta Thala – set of 2 3 months
Krithis – Madhyama Kaala – set 3 3 months
Krithis – Vilamba Kaala – set of 2 3 months
Thillanas – set of 4 3 months
Concise introduction to Karnatic Music (a quick introduction to the basics) 6 months
Karnatic Music Theory – Basic & Intermediate 5 months
Yoga for Musicians 2 months
Swarasthhāna in Karnātic Music: Basic & Advanced (rigorous working on melodic aspects using basic exercises) 8 months
Rhythm and Melody in Karnātic Music (rigorous working on the rhythmic aspects ) 4 months
Gīthams in Karnātic Music (the first melodic compositions in Karnatic Music) 5 months
Jathiswarams & Swarajathis in Karnātic Music ( 4 months
Nottuswaras in Karnātic Music (Simple Sanskrit songs in western tunes) 6 weeks
Timeless tunes –Patriotic, Devotional, Folk & Motivational songs in different Indian languages 6 months
One to one classes: Carnatic Violin, Mridangam, Khanjira, Ghatam, Veena, Hindustani Vocal, Thabla, Advance level Carnatic Vocal Student specific

(Note : Each of the above courses are made of smaller modules. Students have the option of taking smaller modules in each of the above courses separately)

eAmbalam USP’s

Course highlights
  • Blended e-learning methodology through self -learning and classroom learning.
  • 24X7 access to the course content during the course.
  • One to One ‘Meet-your-Teacher’ session week on week for classroom learning
  • Multi-media course content, which includes Video, Audio, Text and Simulations, Notation, Lyrics and Meanings, Thala Table, Glossary, Phonetics, Shruti & Audio Downloads for practice & references.
  • Online assessments after every module to improve the level of understanding of the content
  • Flexible payment options
  • Courses can be customized to student’s needs
  • Complimentary access to eAmbalam’s Video Portal, which is a repository of performances and workshops by experts
  • Access to Samaagama the Community portal having articles, blogs, music, lyrics, image gallery of stalwarts etc., to facilitate learning at different levels
  • Courses designed both for hobby as well as serious learners
  • Students already training under other teachers can enroll into supplementary courses to enhance their learning.
  • Students can opt to do the course with or without certification.
  •   Students have the option of taking up the course with or without teacher support.
  • Contact classes with expert faculty annually at a designated place in USA & Europe.
  • Annual retreats at Chennai, Bangalore and Hyderabad where online students could look forward to intensive training.

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