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Competition or No Competition

  Our experiences with schools in the process of the conduct the Life Art Education program ( in schools, is that competition is ingrained in the Indian psyche. All schools feel proud to showcase their in-house talents, hence there is this mad rush for competitions. What Read more [...]

Role of a Teacher

The role of a teacher doesn't stop at teaching. Teaching is a not a profession, it is a complete occupation. The teacher has to occupy himself with interests beyond the subject of teaching. The teacher has to be skilled in making the subject relevant to contemporary times. He has to remodel the old methods Read more [...]

International Yoga Day Festival – St Petersburg

 SCIENCE OF YOGA / YOGA & NADA YOGA (Vinay Siddaiah  -     www. | ) An enterprising and inquisitive engineer by attitude and profession, extended his mental state of being curious into understanding the depth of Yoga. He started his journey under Mr. Sanjay Read more [...]

Benefits of Yoga Practice…Holistic picture – Vinay Siddaiah

Yoga is becoming increasingly popular in recent times. We hear about many health issues being resolved by Yoga and many benefits the practice offers. In fact the first thing a practitioner of Yoga asks is – “What are the Benefits of Yoga practice”. I have heard many superficial answers to this Read more [...]

Food for the Soul – Contributed by Jen Burton

Food for the Soul – Contributed by Jen Burton Food for the Soul: The Benefits of a Spiritual Diet From an early age, our dietary habits are ingrained in us, either as a result of our parent’s relationship with food or due to our social environment. Because of this, some of us may grow to develop a sweet tooth while others may have a penchant Read more [...]

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