Role of a Teacher

The role of a teacher doesn’t stop at teaching. Teaching is a not a profession, it is a complete occupation. The teacher has to occupy himself with interests beyond the subject of teaching. The teacher has to be skilled in making the subject relevant to contemporary times. He has to remodel the old methods of teaching and even substitute them if has to remain relevant. Students have no time for teachers who cannot be relevant! He should discover newer ways of teaching old subjects. The teacher should be willing to experiment, observe and implement various modules of teachings. He may succeed or even fail. He should be gracious in his approach. He should be humble when sought. He should encourage the questioning spirit. At the same time, the teacher has to be cautious that students don’t become overtly dependent on him! The teacher should equip the students to be on their own. An empowered student is another teacher in the making! A perfect teacher is one who makes himself gradually unwanted!

Swami Advaita……Swami Adwaita

This vision is shared by eAmbalam‘s group of teachers for and for both the eAmbalam’s Online College and the Life Art Education program, India’s unique  K-12 program for Schools

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