Jathiswarams and Swarajathis in Karnātic Music

Jathiswarams and Swarajathis in Karnātic Music One of the most important learning for a student of Carnatic is the mastery of Jatiswarams and Swarajatis – the stage of singing swaras (notes) to rhythm. A student feels the joy of discovering of singing more than one note to a beat. This brings out of the essence of the beat and how the other elements Read more [...]

Nōṭṭuswaras in Karnātic Music

Nōṭṭuswaras in Karnātic Music The Nottuswaras are the finest example of Carnatic music adapting to western influence. These are composed with Sanskrit lyrics on the Western C major scale, whose pitch intervals correspond to the Shankarabharanaraga. These simple melodies were inspired by Scottishand Irish tunes. The lyrics (sahitya) Read more [...]

Concise Introduction to Karnātic Music

Concise Introduction to Karnātic Music If you are interested in a concise introduction of Karnatic music; like an understanding of the Thala, famous compositions, a firsthand feel of seven basic notes as it appears in various combinations as Swaravali, Jhanti, Alankaras. We also guide you on fitness and health through yoga. This course Read more [...]

Swarajathis in Karnātic Music

Swarajathis in Karnātic Music Swarajathis are similar to Jathiswaras (SwaraPallavi) but with a critical difference: Swarajathi includes the Sahitya (lyrics) that a Jathiswara does not. These are learnt after learning Geethas and before Varnams. These are scholarly compositions and their Dhathu has the Raga Bhava. So this gives Read more [...]

Jathiswarams in Karnātic Music

Jathiswarams in Karnātic Music Jathiswaras, also called Swara Pallavis are more sophisticated than Geethams. They are compositions in AbhyaasaGaana where students get to sing for the first time phrases where more than one swara are sung to a beat, or example two and four. These compositions help the students in improving their knowledge Read more [...]

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