Competition or No Competition

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Our experiences with schools in the process of the conduct the Life Art Education program ( in schools, is that competition is ingrained in the Indian psyche. All schools feel proud to showcase their in-house talents, hence there is this mad rush for competitions.

What are the plus points of competition :

The participant is exposed to various platforms and audiences and difficult situations while presenting, like bad mikes, bad stage to dance, bad time management by organizers. After overcoming all of these the child gets to be a  more experienced performer, having shed inhibitions.

What are the minus points :

We would like to speak about those affecting the child participating and others not participating. Competition creates fear. Competition kills imagination and creativity. It creates a divide between achievers and non achievers, especially while handing them that cup.  The joy of participation and celebration is lost. Competition leads to conflict.

Now extrapolating this further into our society. Think what happens when all our schools in India are clamoring for prizes, recognition, and false fame. Do you see that our nation is heading toward conflict. Is this what we want to teach our children, our loved ones, the torch bearers of tomorrow- to be competitive street smart, do whatever to win-even at the cost of others, forsake enjoyment for THAT winning streak.

What do you see in the world today….countries becoming aggressive, wanting to score brownies at the cost of others, violence – both verbal and physical.

This is something we all collectively need to ponder about. Competition is surely going to put all our lives in conflict.

Team eAmbalam – Life Art Education

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