Classical Dances of India – Bharathanātyam – Compiled by Aarthy Natarajan & Indira Kadambi

BharathanātyamBharathanātyam is one of the oldest and most popular forms of classical dance in India. It is the dance of both the mind and soul. Its antiquity lies about 3000 years ago with a mythological as well as historical origin. It was originally known as Sadhir-āṭṭam (court dance) and also Read more [...]

Classical dances of India – Compiled by Aarthy Natarajan & Indira Kadambi

Introduction Classical dances of India are various art forms rooted in Nāṭya, the sacred Hindu musical theatre styles, whose theory can be traced back to the Nāṭya Śhāsthra, of Bharatha Muni (400 BC). Dance in India, is rooted in an age-old tradition. This vast sub-continent Read more [...]

M.D.Ramanathan – Legend 7 – Compiled by Sashi Kulkarni & T.V. Ramprasadh

M.D.Ramanathan Resource Person: Sashi Kulkarni Content Editing: TV Ramprasadh ( Biography courtesy: Wikipedia Early life MDR was born in Manjapara, Palakkad District, Madras Province (Presently in Kerala) on 20th May 1923. His father Devesa Bhagavathar was a music teacher Read more [...]

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