Foundation course in Adavus

Foundation course in Adavus The uniqueness of Bharatanatyam is the special emphasis on “footwork” – even in the   midst of a composition a dancer would dance to “tha thei thei tham” with the percussionist drumming the beat away. Keeping the count of the beat with the legs adorned with anklets is central to “tha thei Read more [...]

Gīthams in Karnātic Music

Gīthams in Karnātic Music A beginner starts with Sarali, Janti, and Alankara; at the stage the student gets a fair mastery of the seven notes and a voice flexibility to sing the basic notes; ascending, descending, doublets, different speeds. These are much like the alphabets we learn in kinder garden. Geetam is the simplest Read more [...]

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