A Date with New York ! – TV Ramprasadh

A Date with New York !  – TV Ramprasadh


In the heart of Manhattan, tucked quietly amidst the chaotic surroundings of New York is the Bhakthi Center, a temple and community center, set up and run by the devotees of the ISKCON.


TVR Music NY

Friday and Sunday were my dates for music workshops  and Saturday and Sunday for Indira to conduct her dance workshops. The turnout of sincerely interested students was heartening.

The diversity of backgrounds and ages of the participants was to be noted. From a noted Pakistani poet, a Bangladeshi  national, to a talented Sri Lankan Tamil girl, to local Americans and of course Bengalese, Tamil and Hindi speaking Indians.

The common objective !

To be able to sing and dance continuously with proper guidance, which they felt was missing in the lives due to various reasons.


IK Dance NY


The outcome!

A set of smiling, happy and contended set of students leaving the Bhakthi Center making a promise to themselves to delve into performing arts!


3 Responses to “ “A Date with New York ! – TV Ramprasadh”

  1. padmini says:

    Art creates anew vision with in us,
    that vision helps to live in celebration amidst
    worldly sophistications , finally leads to

    this whole above mission is possible only with gurus grace and guidance.
    thanks to indira akka and ramprasada anna for being with all art budders for our tranformation through eambalam.

    • Thanks Padmini for your kind words.

      We would like to hear from you more in the form of guest blogs, articles. Please feel free to write to me in case you would like to share with our community

      Warm Regards
      Team eAmbalam

  2. padmini says:

    ART creates anew vision within us ,
    that vision helps to live life in celebration
    amidst worldly sophistication, finally it
    leads to salvation.

    this above said mission is possible only with gurus grace and guidance.thanks to Indira akka and Ramprasada anna for being with art budders to bring in transformation through eambalam.

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