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Voleti Venkateswarulu – Legend 3 – Compiled by Sashi Kulkarni & T.V. Ramprasadh

Voleti Venkateswarulu (1928-89) Resource Person :Sashi Kulkarni Content Review : TV Ramprasadh ( Biography courtesy: Ashok Madhav( Biography Voleti Venkateswarulu was a musician of extraordinary caliber with much imagination. Wherever he performed, he Read more [...]

Karaikurichi Arunachalam – Legend 2 – Compiled by Sashi Kulkarni & T.V. Ramprasadh

Karaikurichi Arunachalam    Resource Person: Sash iKulkarni Recordings Courtesy: Pitchai Adilingam (Karaikurichi’s son-in-law) Content Review: TV Ramprasadh( Biography A disciple of Kalakad Ramanarayana Bhagavatar, a senior vidwan, Arunachalam had further training in Read more [...]

Madurai Somasundaram – Legend 1 – Compiled by Sashi Kulkarni & T.V. Ramprasadh

Madurai Somasundaram: Resource Person: Sashi Kulkarni Audio Clips: Courtesy Raju Asokan, Atlanta, USA Profile: Born in the year 1919, Madurai S. Somasundaram was a great torch bearer of the Chittoor School. Popularly called Madurai Somu, he had his training from Sesha Bhagavatar, Abhirama Read more [...]

Legends of Carnatic Music – Compiled by Sashi Kulkarni & T.V. Ramprasadh

Resource Person: Sashi Kulkarni Our choice of ten artists in showcase with reasons: In a nation like ours, where capturing of historical eras for posterity is compromised by  Skewed representation by recording companies. Self appointed custodians like Sabhas & Magazines. Hero Read more [...]

Semmangudi’s music allows you to transcend – Meera Srinivasan (The Hindu)

‘Semmangudi’s music allows you to transcend’ An article by Meera Srinivasan (The Hindu, Sunday, Jul 27, 2008) Paying tribute to the maestro on the occasion of his birth centenary, neuroscientist V.S. Ramachandran reflects on ‘the impulse that drives great music and art...the tremendous need, Read more [...]

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