Legends of Carnatic Music – Compiled by Sashi Kulkarni & T.V. Ramprasadh

Resource Person: Sashi Kulkarni

Our choice of ten artists in showcase with reasons:

In a nation like ours, where capturing of historical eras for posterity is compromised by
  •  Skewed representation by recording companies.
  • Self appointed custodians like Sabhas & Magazines.
  • Hero worshipping at the cost of ignoring artists who do not promote themselves.
  • A strangely large number of very high class artists popping up at the same time.
  • An inability to support all the roots that stemmed from the time of the trinity, etc.
A number of great artists are fast disappearing from our collective memories.
Here is our pick:
  1. Karaikurchi Arunachalam  –  aesthetics in every breath.
  2. Dwaram Venkataswamy Naidu – a soloist in the real sense of the term.
  3. T.K. Rangachari– an amalgamation of so many glittering qualities.
  4. Voleti Venkateshwarulu– a fine example of a baani created right under our eyes.
  5. Madurai Somasundaram – Chittoor School is dying, if not dead. So many krithis of Thyagaraja are alive only in that school.
  6. T.R. Mahalingam – our collective image is shaped by his idiosyncrasies, rather than his outpourings.
  7. M.L.Vasantakumari – no words to describe.
  8. Tanjore S.Kalyanaraman – for his brilliant craftsmanship.
  9. M.D. Ramanathan – for sheer audacity in choosing that style.
  10. R.K. Srikantan – pristine outpourings from the Kannada Doyen.
Given another day and another time, we could come up with yet another totally different set of ten. So this is just one start – just one perspective, of the many possible.

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