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Competition or No Competition

  Our experiences with schools in the process of the conduct the Life Art Education program ( in schools, is that competition is ingrained in the Indian psyche. All schools feel proud to showcase their in-house talents, hence there is this mad rush for competitions. What Read more [...]

Food for the Soul – Contributed by Jen Burton

Food for the Soul – Contributed by Jen Burton Food for the Soul: The Benefits of a Spiritual Diet From an early age, our dietary habits are ingrained in us, either as a result of our parent’s relationship with food or due to our social environment. Because of this, some of us may grow to develop a sweet tooth while others may have a penchant Read more [...]

Making music education compulsory for children in schools – Vandana Narasu

Gone are the days when Carnatic music, Dance and other major art forms were offered as optional activities at Schools. Some forward looking schools are starting to include these art forms as part of their regular curriculum and this is a welcome change. Out of my personal experience of going to schools Read more [...]

SaMaaGaMa – Feel of Rhythms & Dances in life – Vidyalakshmi Venkataraman

The SaMaaGaMafestival wished to expose laymen to Indian classical performing arts and also give the many students and performers, who descend on Chennai during the famed music and dance season in December. SaMaaGaMa, an opportunity to learn and interact with senior artists and scholars in the field Read more [...]