Foundation course in Bhedhas and Hastha Mudhrās

Foundation course in Bhedhas and Hastha Mudhrās

This is the course we strongly recommend for anyone wanting to get initiated into the majestic beauty of Bharatanatyam – the limb movements and hand Mudras are unique to the genre. They express a world of emotions; at all times sensuous and at all times devotional.

They are numerous ways to improve one’s personality – a communication workshop or Art of Living or Yoga. Without deriding anything, we at eAmbalam with over two decades of teaching experience, feel this is the best investment for your child. It takes just 4 months to get introduced to these patterns – a flick of the eyes or grace in every movement from a walk to a charming winsome body language. One learns the value of a pause, of silence in commotion, and so much can be communicated without words. What’s more, it is impactful for those in the growing years. The best gift you can give yourself or to your kids is a taste of Bharatanatyam!

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