How to listen to music – Part II – T.V. Ramprasadh

The Human body is by nature wired and built to enjoy music. it is only unfortunate that many of usĀ have shut off this feature. Many have asked me during my various tours, as to how to listen to music. My answer to all of them is that when you listen to music, just submit yourself. Do not listen to it with prejudices. Learn to experience the music not just from outside but from within. Close your eyes, and feel what the music is trying to convey. Is it meditative? Is it robust, does it suggest love, sorrow, beauty? Whatever image comes to the mind just enjoy that visualisation of music. Even if the music is a foot tapping fast number, get into the rhythm. Let your body sway to that rhythm, and then you will see that you are into the music..
There are many vocal pieces of which have lyrics. There is nothing better than catching those words, understanding it, and even singing along. Please do not hesitate to sing along. It is only when that urge to sing along, that participative mood sets in, that you are fully enjoying what you are listening to.
There are these people who sit through concerts only finding faults and making comparisons. How could you enjoy what the other person is conveying if your mind is so pre-occupied?
How to cultivate yourself to listen to music? It is very simple. Listen to the music unbiased and let it slowly grow on you. It is only with hours of listening, any form of music can grow on you and you can start appreciating it. There is no short cut for appreciating music, but listening to music.
Many say that music while driving/working relaxes them. This is very true, many of us subconsciously have that connection to music even whilst the mind is engaged in other activities. Without us realising the positive energies created by the music relax our nerves.
At this juncture I am tempted to answer an often asked query. Can a Raaga with, so called healing powers, heal any listener? An Indian Raaga with healing powers will work differently with people from the same culture, forget different cultures. When the music is unfamiliar it will take an open mind and time to cultivate the ears to that form of music, only then that raga can have a positive effect on the person. When the music sounds strange and unfamiliar it will not move you.

There are these students of music to whom my advice is that – listen to music as much as you can. When you listen to music, that music is, even without you knowing, stored in the hard disk of your brain, stashed away for future use. You do not know after how many years, suddenly, this stashed memory pops up, in the form of a musical idea.

My advice to people is that do not be closed to any form of music, learn to love and listen to every form of music, only then you will learn to love the people and the person it emanatesĀ from.

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