Jathiswarams and Swarajathis in Karnātic Music

Jathiswarams and Swarajathis in Karnātic Music

One of the most important learning for a student of Carnatic is the mastery of Jatiswarams and Swarajatis – the stage of singing swaras (notes) to rhythm. A student feels the joy of discovering of singing more than one note to a beat. This brings out of the essence of the beat and how the other elements can be arranged and re-arranged.

Jatiswarams and Swarajatis also introduce the student to the raga. This is learning stage where student is singing a full song for the first time. A stage of basics and fundamentals, much like the stage of a student learning to do her/his first essay.

Jatiswarams and Swarajatis play an equally important role in Bharatanatyam- it showcases a dancer’s versatility bringing out the elaborate footwork and graceful movements to the set beat. Either in a note or a lyrics form just through adavus and mudras.

This four month course is an eAmbalam effort to enhance the learning experience – we wish the student to get a “high” on singing these rhythmic compositions Both the online material in the form of instructional videos and interactions with the teacher go hand in hand for you to discover the fundamentals before you advance to Varnams.

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