Jathiswarams in Karnātic Music

Jathiswarams in Karnātic Music

Jathiswaras, also called Swara Pallavis are more sophisticated than Geethams. They are compositions in AbhyaasaGaana where students get to sing for the first time phrases where more than one swara are sung to a beat, or example two and four. These compositions help the students in improving their knowledge of melody and rhythm .These compositions are used as compositional pieces in Bharatantnatyam. In Bharatantayam , however Jathis are interspersed , whereas in jathiswaras used in music only swaras are sung .There is no Saahithya for these compositions, unlike Swarajathis. Jathiswaras have sections like Pallavi, Anupallavi and Charanam. Sometimes Anupallavi is missing. Jathiswarams are very rhythmic and beginners, especially kids love it. Composers of Jathiswaras include SwathiThirunal, PonniahPillai, Mysore Vasudevachar and Mysore Veena Padmanabhaiah

We, at eAmbalam, have devised a course entirely on Jathiswarams. We teach them as it appears in Kalyani, Jhanjhuṭi and Harikamboji. The two months course is through step by step instructional videos and teacher interactions – virtual and real till you understand. The kids especially love this “rhythm” course.

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