Master Classes in Abhinaya

Master Classes in Abhinaya

Abhinaya, the art of expression is the main technique used in Natya – meaning gestures forms the substance of a composition. We are not gainsaying the importance of Nritta (Dance movements with rhythm), Geetha (Music), Tala (Rhythm), Laya(Beat), Bhava (Emotion),and Rasa (Flavour {of the sentiment}) but Abhinaya (Expression) is central to Bharatanatyam.

A dancer has an abundance of reservoir in her/his armory to communicate a story, an idea, and an emotion. A dancer uses one’s body, limbs, hands, face, neck, eyes to express a tale. Sometimes as complex as a Ramayana or Mahabharata where conceivable human emotions come into play: love, envy, hate, joy, devotion and so much more. To create a “rasa” (flavor) in the audience, a dancer must have mastery on Abhinaya.

A good dancer is as much a writer or a poet – to create a sentiment in the audience takes training for decadesThis is essential course for any artist in intermediate and advance level to develop their art of expression. It is a must course for teachers too.

Discover the Art of Expression, ABHINAYA through a very energetic, lively, humorous and interactive lecture demonstration / discussions / lessons conducted by Indira Kadambi, a brilliant artist and the foremost student of Guru. Padma Bhushan Kalanidhi Narayanan, the doyen of Abhinaya.      

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