Responsibility of guiding students – T.V. Ramprasadh

Responsibility of guiding students – T.V. Ramprasadh

Many young men or women come to me with a typical question? Is it viable to take music as a profession ? It is definitely a difficult one to answer.We need to provide real responsible and considered answers to such queries.

The options open to people in the music industry are multifold

1)   as a concert classical artist

2)   as a teacher of classical music

3)   as a performer of lighter genres of music like devotional etc

4)   as a recording artist

5)   as an artist accompanying dance recitals

6)   as an artist who works as a recordist

7)   as an artist who actively involved in archiving/content creation

8)   as an artist who is into arts management

9)   as a healer

Whatever the choice, one needs to go into arts careers with minimal expectation of monetary returns. Surely you will earn enough to make a livelihood if you are talented, diligent and hard working.

If your pursuits are more of the materialistic types, this is not a profession for you. Some do get lucky, no denying that.

Again there is the issue of social acceptability, which stems large.  If you are a person who has the guts to face rejections in life, this is a profession to be in.

The pay off is that you are doing just what your heart wants to. You have your highs whenever you are performing/practicing and these elevated states are seldom experienced by those with well paying jobs.

My advice is if you have the talent to take you through, if you are passionate, then dive with the blind belief that your art will take care of you.


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