Srujana Vanguri

Srujana Vanguri

Srujana says “I am pursuing my passion in Carnatic music since I was 8 years old. Currently, I am teaching and pursuing my degree in Carnatic music from Sri Tyagaraja College of Music & Dance, Ram Koti, Hyderabad. I am immensely proud of my parents who supported me to pursue my passion along with my education in Engineering. Music has been my companion, my guru, and constant energy to make hope and meaning to my existence. I always like to encourage and embrace those who passionately seek love in music.”

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  1. Kash says:

    I like to encourage young talent from India in the USA. Carnatic Music is not that well embraced by 2ns Generation youngsters. Our duty is to steer them towards appreciation of this great ancient art form. This can only be done by exposing them to music by various young artists from India.

    whilst there are quite FEW STALARTS WHO GIVE KUTCHERIS IN NA duringthe spring and summer months, We would like to encourage more young artists to visit, perform and lecture.

    Thank You


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