Swarasthhāna in Karnātic Music – Basic

Swarasthhāna in Karnātic Music – Basic

The strength of a building depends on how strong the foundation is. Any learning starts from alphabets, progresses to simple words, before common sentences are introduced. Didn’t all of us not learn basic colours, or animals or vegetables at school where colourful charts started to make sense?  So is Swarasththana in Karnatic music basics, fundamentals, essentials – it is your entrance into the treasure drove of this genre.

We’ll tell you all about Raga (musical scale), Swara (Note), Tala (Rhythm), ascending scales, and descending. When time and space and culture found their full expression; Karnatic music works on the mind as the young ones begin exploring their worlds outside. Wouldn’t you like your children to grow into matured adults; here’s a time-tested school of learning. And we’ll be just as patient so that your kids will find joy in its discovery. A for apple, and apple looks like this, it tastes like this and you will never forget. Also for anyone wanting to taste the flavor of thousands of years of Indian art.

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