Voice Culture in Karnātic Music – Advanced

Voice Culture in Karnātic Music – Advanced

Some voices simply spark the divine in us. Like MS? Yesudas? Muhammad Rafi? Adele?

There is a quality about a voice that haunts us, remember Lata Mangeshkar in that “Tera Saaya, Mera Saaya”. Every great performing singer had the basic voice ingredient; pitch, amplitude, flexibility, voice control, bright, breezy, resonance and more. So there is no gainsaying the importance of voice culture to every serious music student. Singing involves a lot many factors: the health of your vocal chords machinery (trachea, windpipe and down to the lungs). It pays good dividends to invest in training your voice.

We, at e-Ambalam, have developed a course taking the experts’ views: from the streams of anatomy, yoga, pranayama so that you can work on your vocal chords and improve the quality of your natural tone. The advanced course has both the theory and practical modules built-in. eAmbalam will spend five months on your voice culture, sufficient enough time and effort to see you through!

Enroll Now @ http://www.eambalam.com/kalpavriksha/courses/online-carnatic-courses/advanced-voice-culture-carnatic-music/3/1/1/12

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