Voice Culture in Karnātic Music – Basic

Voice Culture in Karnātic Music – Basic

What comes to mind when you hear the voice of MS? Yesudas? Muhammad Rafi? Adele?

These artists were blessed with a voice, heavenly and everything right about it: the pitch, amplitude, flexibility, voice control, bright, breezy, resonance and more. Even if an individual is blessed by nature with the right tonal, a professional singer or a student must work to preserve nature’s gifts. For any singing involves a lot of stress and vocal chords anatomy: trachea, windpipe and down to the lungs. Voice production in singing demands a singer’s stamina to lengthen the breath, and control over amplitude.

So if you are a musician or a theatre artist then you will at once realize the importance of voice culture.

We, at e-Ambalam, have developed a course taking the experts’ views: from the streams of anatomy, yoga, pranayama so that you can work on your vocal chords and improve the quality of your natural tone. eAmbalam will spend five months on your voice culture, sufficient enough time and effort to see you through!

Enroll Now @ http://www.eambalam.com/kalpavriksha/courses/online-carnatic-courses/voice-culture-carnatic-music/3/1/1/11

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