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Under the guidance of expert tutors, embraces e-learning as an opportunity to jointly explore Indian classical Music, Dance and Yoga with students and connoisseurs everywhere in the world.

Courses (please click here for course details)

eAmbalam currently offers Certificate and Diploma programs in both Karnātic classical vocal style and Bharathanatyam with Yoga in their Curriculum based courses section as well as courses in Hindhusthani Vocal and Carnatic Instrumental styles, in their ‘one to one virtual classes’ section.

  • In both the segments, fitness, inclusive of Yoga and General exercises are incorporated into the curriculum.
  • All the courses are in sequence, one leading to another. After completing one course with a pass grade, students receive the relevant certificate and advance to the next course.

Students who are new to eAmbalam syllabus are placed into a course based on an entrance assessment and their prior experience, if any.

Students can enrol and participate in more than one genre certificate programs simultaneously.

Students can also opt for all the Curriculum based courses in a title and tutor free mode, wherein the course material is studied on a self paced manner, independent of assistance from eAmbalam faculty, their assignments, grading and certification.

Certification under ”One to one virtual classes” are solely at the discretion of the faculty.

Payment policies

  • eAmbalam reserves the right to price the product competitively and increase the same at any time.
  • Both current and new students enrolling in courses must pay the current prices in effect at the start of each course.
  • Vis-a-vis One to one virtual classes:
    • During the period of 1- 3 classes of a course, a student may transfer enrolment to any other.
    • In case of transfer to another course, a minimal re-admission fee has to be paid.

Access to course materials and student records

  • Enrolled students will only have access to their respective curriculum materials for courses they are currently taking during the period stipulated for the purpose.
  • Students will have access to their materials up to their completion of the chosen course.
  • After that time, course materials are available for a month’s period on a minimal subscription basis.
  • Those who have been unable to clear their examinations are advised to utilize this limited access period to revise the curriculum for the re-exam.
  • eAmbalam maintains student academic records and account payment records. Students may view their academic records and payment status by logging in to and viewing their account information.
  • Students can contact with questions or concerns. Except as listed in our Privacy Policy, information or records concerning individual students will not be released to any individual or agency without the student’s express permission.

Attendance policy

  • Participation in virtual classes is an essential part of courses at eAmbalam. If you are not regular, progress to the next module with the right completion of assignments and assessments will be disturbed. Hence, ensure regularity in your attendance.
  • In case you are going to be absent for any class:
    • Please notify your teacher in advance. In case of emergency or unforeseen absenteeism, do mail as soon as possible to both the teacher and to
    • At the discretion of eAmbalam, an extension or leave of absence for extra-ordinary circumstances may be granted.
    • View the recordings of the class/classes you missed.
    • Stay tuned to the curriculum by revising.
    • Try to complete any assignments prior to the next class.

If you are going to be unavailable for any class, you have to inform the same to the concerned faculty by mail at least 48 hours in advance and mark a ‘CC’ of the same mail to

Last minute cancellations will be considered as one class and no compensation class will be conducted for the same.

In case of emergencies, please contact:

Landline: +91-44-4301 6555 / +91-44-2446 1690 (India) & 716-AMBALAM (USA)

Mobile: +91 80562 94952

Grading policy for the courses

  • Students in the Curriculum based courses are graded based on their attendance, class participation, module and final assessments.
  • Each student’s cumulative GPA will be based on an average of course grades according to the following scale:
Average course grade Cumulative GPA Description
Percentage Grade
90-100 O 9.0 Oustanding
80-89 A 8.0 Excellent
70-79 B 7.0 Good
60-69 C 6.0 Satisfactory
50-59 D 5.0 Average
40 – 49 E 4.0 Pass
0-39 F 1.0 – 2.0 – 3.0 Fail
  • Students receiving an F or 0-39 in any course must write a re-examination and receive a passing grade of E (40-49) or higher in order to progress to the next course in the program. A re-examination fee must be paid for the same.
  • The re-examination fee enables the student to access the completed curriculum for a month. Those who have been unable to clear their examinations are advised to utilize this limited access period to revise the curriculum for the re-exam.
  • If a student believes their grade does not accurately reflect their performance, they should first contact the concerned faculty to discuss the same.
  • If they are unable to resolve the issue with their teacher, students can send an email to, and should include their name, course, teacher, and the reason they feel the grade is incorrect.
  • Grade disputes must be received within one week of the announcement of the results.

Course Continuation due to inaction:

  • Students become inactive in case they pay up for a course and do not take up the same within the stipulated time.
  • Inactive students who wish to become active again can send an email to At this juncture, they will be required to take up the course again and pay the course prices currently in effect.

Withdrawal by students

  • Requests for a withdrawal due to medical reasons must include a written note signed by a doctor verifying that the student cannot complete the course for medical reasons.

Course Fee Refund

You can clarify whatever the doubts you have about the particular course which you are going to choose and the procedures involved in the MYTS classes and all relevant formalities of the course before enrolling for the same. You can do this by either going through eAmbalam portal’s FAQ & Academic Policies sections or you can even write a mail directly to about your doubts and get it clarified before enrolling as the fee once paid will not be refundable for any reasons other than medical related ones for which you need to provide a medical certificate from a certified doctor.

Unutilized fees, paid in advance for One to One classes, not used due to discontinuation by the student and but not due to the student/teacher being absent, will be refunded by eAmbalam.

Technical requirements

  • Prospective students should review the technical requirements for taking courses at eAmbalam prior to enrolling, as technical issues are not generally considered an acceptable reason for withdrawal or refund.
  • Enrolled students will receive instructions to test the set up of their computer, webcam and microphone. This test should be completed in the week prior to the start of the course to provide enough time to resolve issues.
  • Students are responsible for safety of their login and password information and are advised to change passwords and maintain backups of downloadable material.
  • Students can contact with technical questions and issues at any point of time.

Changes in policy etc.

  • eAmbalam is entitled to make changes to policies, pricing, course content, course teachers, and any other eAmbalam-related feature, materials, or processes at any given time.
  • eAmbalam will attempt to provide reasonable notice to students of any changes. These changes are not generally considered an acceptable reason for withdrawal or refund.

Code of conduct

Students enrolling in eAmbalam are under obligation to conduct themselves in a manner complementary to eAmbalam’s role as an institution of performing arts education.

Proper conduct requires student to refrain from

  • Indulging in illegal distribution (such as copying files or using passwords belonging to others) of Course content and plagiarism leading to copy rights violation.
  • Any form of academic dishonesty including misrepresentation, fraud, or cheating.
  • Verbal or physical harassment of any form against fellow students, teachers, or other members of eAmbalam’s community.
  • Complaints of harassment or academic dishonesty will be investigated by eAmbalam.
  • Students who fail to comply with eAmbalam policies may be dismissed at any time with no reimbursement of fees.
  • Students who have been subject to harassment or who would like to report violation of code of conduct can do so with at Their inputs will remain confidential.
  • Use Licensed Softwares for seamless enjoyment of the course.
  • Make sure you have accurate details of Student ID, Course ID etc, while communicating with us, to speed up response from our end.
  • From time to time the eAmbalam team may call on you for technical troubleshooting and to mitigate possibilities of unauthorized use. Do co-operate with us during these processes.

All concerns and/or queries can be addressed to:

Ambalam Arts & Culture Pvt Ltd.,

Saraswathi, No.18, Yamuna Street,

Kalakshetra Colony, Besant Nagar,

Chennai 600 090