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eAmbalam in the press

“Amidst the traditional December Festivals, the two day performance and interactive workshop festival titled SaMaaGaMa provided a breath of fresh air to music lovers, literally! That’s because the event was held at one of Chennai’s oldest and greenest havens – the Nageshwara Rao Park in Mylapore and was also refreshing in its diversity of performances and interactive workshops encompassing various genres.

Just a glance at the itinerary is enough to provide an idea of the meticulousness with which the various genres and art forms were chosen to be a part of the event”

Vijay Natesan, Sound Box

“Moving away from the commonly treaded path of organizing a talent parade of the singers, dancers and dramatists in Margazhi season, Ambalam Arts and Culture Ltd with T.V. Ramprasadh and Indira Kadambi have decided to take the festival experience out to the masses. To infuse more talent and encourage budding talents, Ambalam is presenting SaMaaGaMa – a festival of interactive workshops and performances.”

The Hindu, December, 2011

This is one of the most exciting festivals during the Margazhi Mahotsavam 2011. This is an event wherein everyone from artists to layman can participate and have something to take home.

Hello FM 106.4

A short walk brought me to Nageswara Rao Park where Indira Kadambi and TV Ramprasadh had organized the 2 day, day long fest ‘SaMaaGaMa’ featuring music and dance performances as well as workshops. The low platform served as performance space as well as could seat some audience members at the other end while others were seated around in chairs or under the huge tree, with lots of walkers stopping by to enjoy the performances. With a green light enhancing the greenery behind the stage (a natural backdrop!), and a gentle breeze keeping us cool, Sanhita Nandi’s Hindustani vocal concert was soothing to the ears. The next and final performance of the day was an elegant Bharatanatyam recital by Guru CV Chandrasekhar and his ardent disciples and admirers had turned up in large numbers.

It was back to the park on 18th evening in time to see Indira’s talented disciple Komala Kumari Mayshark present a spirited Bharatanatyam recital. Her depiction of scenes from the Ramayana was greatly enjoyed by the little children who were seated in front, watching in rapt attention. Next was an interesting classical fusion music show by ‘Three 4 the Music’ featuring DA Srinivas on mridangam and vocal, Punya Srinivas on veena and Naveen Iyer on flute and vocal. It was a pleasure to see a large crowd enjoying the music program that included Irish and Arabic influenced tunes. Praveen performed in his usual impeccable style, but confided that having his gurus CVC and Jaya Chandrasekhar seated right in front watching him as well as the thousands who would be watching through the live streaming, made him rather nervous as he had just won a prestigious award, so expectations would be higher, and he had to excel in the already high standard he has set for himself. The open air recitals were a pleasant change from stuffy auditoriums. It was also interesting to note that using just some basic lights, what wonders can be achieved.

Lalitha Venkat –


Students, performers and the general public were swelling in numbers as SaMaaGaMa lived up to its spirit of being a unique, interactive, outdoor, festival of sharing by stalwarts and youth alike. Many were still coming in to the park attracted by the quality fare being dished out in all sections across genres, at one venue!

Vidyalakshmi Venkataraman

“Musicians and Dancers perform and present lecture demonstrations at SaMaaGaMa organized by Ambalam Arts & Culture Pvt Ltd in Nageswara Rao park “

Deccan Chronicle, December, 2011

“Dance, sing and learn Yoga with artists from Ambalam in an unique way”

Dinamalar, December, 2011

“A couple dedicated exclusively to the arts field – Indira Kadambi and T.V. Ramprasadh presented Samaagama –an exhilarating experience”

Krishnagopuradeepam, Tamil E-magazine, January issue

“Anupama Bhagwat, one of the leading disciples of the world-renowned Pandit Shri Bimalendu Mukherjee, is a refreshingly versatile Sitarist of the current generation. A melodious concert of Sitar by Anupama Bhagwat was organized by Ambalam at Kalakshetra colony, Besant nagar, Chennai, jointly with Rasayana. In Ambalam’s auditorium, starting with the traditional Alaap and ending with a Raagmaalika, the Sitar strains haunt our memories as they flowed like a smooth waterfall”

R. Natrajan
Krishnagopuradeepam, Tamil E-magazine, March issue

“The artists Jaya Madhavan, Bindhumalini and Archana in their story, song and dance sharing on Kabir at Ambalam’s monthly free event programme, transported us to the world of “the untellable story” – the Akatha Kahani. As voices mingled in story-telling, singing and echoed in the dance movements, truly, Kabir was expounded in a unique way at Ambalam.”

Krishnagopuradeepam, E-magazine, April issue