Dance Courses – Overview

Welcome to eAmbalam’s Learn Bharathanatyam online platform.

eAmbalam offers 7 different types of Bharathanatyam courses:

  1. Long-term Diploma courses (4 years of Basic Diploma & 3 years of Advance Diploma) – Students who are 15 years and above
  2. Short-term Certificate courses (4 months to one year) – Students who are 7 year & above
  3. Modular courses (4 weeks to 12 weeks) – Students who are 7 years & above
  4. Abhinaya
  5. Nattuvangam
  6. Yoga for Dancers
  7. One to one classes in Advance level compositions.

The online course is a blended e-learning platform. All the basic and some of the Intermediate stage courses are provided with high quality Step by Step learning videos along with downloadable Theory PDF’s, Notations, Glossary, etc.

Students learn by watching the video lessons, which are accessible 24X7 and present the same during one on one weekly online class with the instructors to enhance their learning. Some intermediate & advance courses are done one to one under direct supervision of the instructors without Video support.

These courses are for you if you are

  • A beginner student
  •  student who is already practicing and like to fine tune your musical skills
  • A performer looking into in-depth study of Bharathanatyam
  • A young teacher who like to use this as reference guide and enhance your skills in teaching

The course could be done with or without certification. If students need a certificate for each stage, they should complete the course and take an assessment at the end of every course.

If the students have time, they can come to Chennai for on ground classes as well and enjoy the best of both the worlds.

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