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eAmbalam welcomes all dance students from outside India for an Intensive Bharathanatyam Workshop going on and until 10th February, 2014!

TV Ramprasadh / Indira Kadambi

USA & Canada Tour – August / November 2013

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Greetings from eAmbalam!

The vision of eAmbalam is “Creating artists everywhere”. With this beautiful enriching vision in their mind, T.V.Ramprasadh and Indira Kadambi, the well-known artist couple in the field of Karnatic vocal and Bharathanatyam with 3 decades of performing experience and 2 and ½ decades of teaching experience are touring USA and Canada to offer free workshops and Lecture demonstrations for Freshers, Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level students.

The prime objective of this tour is to conduct workshops in Karnatic vocal and Bharathanatyam not only in major cities, but also mainly in those places where they do not have access to the teachers, thereby reach out and introduce these amazing art forms to every nook and corner of the world and inspire the students to embrace them either to be professionals or just learn the art for art’s sake and become great connoisseurs and ambassadors of this rich cultural-heritage of India.

About eAmbalam : In December 2012, eAmbalam launched the world’s first online college of Indian performing arts teaching Karnatic music and Bharatanatyam with Yoga offering both Diploma courses and Short term certificate courses. Hundreds of in-depth learning videos and weekly “Meet your teacher” sessions are the highlights of the course. Anyone from anywhere at any time can be a student of the online course!

Objectives – Music workshop

  • Kindle interest among beginners through an introduction to Music appreciation program (Freshers / open for all)
  • Introduce the right approach to practice and theory (Basic and Intermediate levels)
  • Voice culture techniques (Basic and Intermediate levels)
  • Beauty of Gamakas; Importance of Sahithya (lyrics) and pronunciation; Relevance of Bhava in Krithis (Intermediate and Advanced levels)
  • Manodhharma or creative aspects in Karnatic Music (Advanced level)

Objectives – Dance workshop

  • Kindle interest among beginners through an introduction to Dance appreciation program – (Freshers/open for all)
  • Focus on perfecting techniques in Nruttha (for Basic and Intermediate levels)
  • Right approach in understanding the Art of expression and Master classes in Abhinaya – (Intermediate and Advanced levels)
  • Introduction to art of playing Cymbals and Master classes in Nattuvangam – (Intermediate and Advanced levels)
  • Basic theories in Bharathanatyam (open for all)


Tour Schedule


  • 24/2/2013 Arijit Mahalanabis Hindhusthani Vocal 6.15 pm – 8.30pm eAmbalam Special event
  • 3/2/2013 Bangalore S.Shankar Karnatic Vocal 6pm-9pm eAmbalam ‘Co-hosted with Rasayana’ event
  • SaMaaGaMa, Chennai’s first outdoor festival of FREE interactive workshops and performances by stalwarts in the sylvan surroundings of Nageswara Rao Park , Mylapore, Chennai from 15-16, December, 2012