I just completed the yoga portion of the voice culture course and I should say that the course really helped me understand the importance of yoga and breathing exercises in improving stamina and physical and mental flexibility. The faculty was very patient and thorough in going over the course content with practical suggestions for diet and exercise. The accompanying video lessons were very clear and lucid in the presentation and instructions. I really enjoyed the course. I appreciate the individual attention and follow-up from the teachers who are themselves highly accomplished and busy in their respective fields.

Voice Culture in Karnatic Music-Advanced

"I felt that the course content was very appropriate. The courses were apt and helped me hone my singing skills. Also, the teachers at eAmbalam were excellent. They guided me through every step and corrected each and every mistake of mine.  I am now able to sing difficult gamakas with ease and this course helped me handle my breaking of voice. I also got a better understanding of the ragas and alapanas. I feel that those who are interested in honing their musical skills should try out this course."

Vishal Srinivas-USA
Voice Culture in Karnatic Music-Advanced

I can play the lessons multiple times until I understand it clear. Also the Practice lessons are available for download which helps me to practice anywhere, anytime.
Teacher interaction, Doubt clarification, chat with other students after class hours; view class schedule and other events in calendar feature; maintain one’s own schedules in the calendar make it great.
I don’t have to use different software for recording and uploading as video recordings can be made through built in You Tube record and upload feature in the course page.
Ability to post our own blogs, read different articles posted till date, discussion among everyone in the portal etc. help the student’s overall growth.

Vikash Achutaramaiah, Student – Basic Diploma in Karnatic Music

The course contents are fantastic. There is lot of detail which is great! The design and structure of the course is very good. Regarding the scope and extent of the course, both the written and oral communication is very clear. Assignments make sure that the student is doing the self study correctly. The Meet Your Teacher session is a great way to interact. The feedback received from teachers on submitted videos, helps improvement.

Vyass Ramakrishnan (U.S.A)

TVR has the ability to identify and recognize the students’ strong points in singing and has nurtured them to advance further. He is also adept in identifying the areas of improvement for the students and carefully orchestrates a suitable method for the student to practice to help the student get better. He is open, communicative, easy to follow/learn, honest in feedback, tailored to students needs. TVR is very sensitive to students needs, an accommodating teacher.

Lakshmi Gopalachar (U.S.A)

TVR sir has been a great teacher and very understanding of my needs, being an overseas student with limited resources. He is extremely patient and really ensures we sing each and every line with clarity and perfection. His teaching style is gentle yet firm and focused. He also encourages and chides at just the right times…which really motivated me to try and push my boundaries, like attempt a new Swaram or Raga prayoga that I may have not felt confident earlier. Though it’s not easy to emulate his singing, he really pushes us to aim for that level. Learning from TVR sir has really improved my singing overall and am happy with my progress.

Shruthi Jayaraman (Canada)

Mr. Ramprasadh’s musical knowledge and teaching efforts have helped my children Avinash and Ashwini understand the basics of carnatic music.  We appreciate his efforts in keeping up the time commitment and teaching methodology to best fit children’s need. Learning long distance is difficult and can be frustrating at times.  Mr.Ramprasadh accommodates his best to overcome those difficulties.  My kids are happy to learn carnatic music from Mr.Ramprasadh.

Dharmesh and Sadhna Murthy (U.S.A)

Overall e-learning had made a significant difference for a working woman like me to, who has busy work and family life, by making Sangeetham available at a doorstep. I have improved overall understanding, of music at a different but higher level and try to improve from milestones level. Overall learning from TVR sir has been wonderful, who makes sure that I learn it properly, no matter how simple or complicated the song is, he is a perfectionist, and gives strong effort to pass this heritage on to his students.

Sailaja (U.S.A)

“It was in December 2013 that I first visited Ambalam at Kalakshetra Colony with strongly recommended to do so by a friend dancer of mine. The time I spent there with the great teachers, Indira, Vijna, Renjith and all staff was fantastic and soon I decidedto take their lecture courses through eAmbalam after leaving Chennai.

After coming back to Japan started to take the course “Basic Theories of Bharathanatyam.” Although I am not so good at using computer, eAmbalam‘s e-learning system is easy to understand and exciting to learn. I can hardly express my happiness when I was able to get my first certificate!! As I was happy to learn the Indian classical art through this leaning system, I next started to take other three courses: Abhinaya, Nattuvangam and Adavus (Section 1) and am now on the way to get the certificate of each course.

It is the precious and incredible experience for me, an Italian living in Japan, to learn Bharathanatyam face to face with the teachers in far place. Through this system, I can get the essence and details of the Indian classical art that are necessary to let myself feel confident and familiar with what might otherwise be just imitation of the body movements.

In the Adavus course, all my steps are strictly checked by the teacher, Vijna, She emphasizes precision of steps that is indispensable for the dance. I am apt to miss it but Vijna is patient enough to correct my lax movements. TheAbhinayalesson with Indira sensei (which means teacher in Japanese) is just like a magic. She makes me stay completely inside stories with simple but lucid explanation, I find myself like a child listening to a story teller. Indira sensei gives me also the Nattuvangam lesson, through which my sense of rhythm is getting much more improved. I can feel myself the clearer the rhythm in mind, the more precise Adavus become. I must say all lessons of each course are hard but I really love them all.

It is my dream to fly to Chennai again near future to let my teachers directly see my improvement through their lessons. Till the moment I would like to take all benefits of eAmbalam”

Anna Laura-Japan
Basic Theories in Bharathanatyam, Foundation Course in Adavus& Master Classes in Abhinaya

“The Abhinaya course videos have a professional quality, and watching them was as good as being in a classroom with the teacher. Smt. Indira Kadambi, with her excellent Abhinaya demonstrations, comments on what elements contribute to good Abhinaya, and in-depth interpretation of the lyrics and treatment of the sthayibhava in the each of the four pieces, have been invaluable.  Being able to watch the videos multiple times, I gained a new insight every time!  The meetings with the teacher via video conferencing are a critical element of the course. I was able to clarify my understanding, obtain feedback when my interpretation was unclear or deviated from the Sthayi, or if unwanted mannerisms crept in, and happily got a chance to see how Smt. Indira would do it. (I might have gained more if I’d submitted videos — so I cannot comment on this.) This course has given me a framework which I hope to apply to other Abhinaya items that I know.”

Master Classes in Abhinaya

“The Nattuvangam course is really well structured. Online Course witheAmbalam it is very convenient and absolutely helpful. When I decided to take the course Online, I was really nervous because I thought I wouldn’t have enough Practice Time, and understanding the concept in short term. After taking the course I am able to understand the scope and extent of the course well. Indira akka always encourage me to do the best in dance, and wouldn’t let go of you until you fully understand the concept. She inspires me a lot.  I feel extremely blessed and Lucky to learn under her guidance. Indira akka is a great role model for any dancer and amazing teacher! “

One to One Virtual Classes in Nattuvangam

“ It has indeed been a privilege for me to have come under the tutelage of IndiraAkka and fortaking up the Master Class inAbhinaya with eAmbalam. Mastering theAbhinaya component of Bharathanatyam has always been a challenge for me and I am indeed grateful for the opportunity to learn the nuances ofAbhinaya under IndiraAkka.The ease of learning it over online gave me the flexibility of time despite being in a di fferent time zone.

The step-by-step instruction manual on eAmbalam and the detailed explanation given for each Padam/Jaavali/Devarnama gave me a holistic understanding of the piece, the characterization and the underlying emotions.The Meet- Your- Teacher Sessions have always been a wonderful learning time, where Indira akka takes immense e ffort to correct my mistakes meticulously and gives me more variations to explore on. With a hectic schedule and limited opportunities to travel for direct classes, this manner of distance learning has allowed me to continue my learning and development in dance.Thank you to IndiraAkka and the eAmbalam team for providing a global platform for students all over the world to continue learning and embracing Bhharathanatyam.”

Master Classes in Abhinaya

The content of the course is superb. Especially that of Basic Theories of Bharathanatyam. The design and structure of the course is good. The Basic theories self study portion is sufficient. The video and audio downloads are helpful. The course methodology is really well structured. I am able to understand the scope and extent of the course well. About my learning online from Kalpavriksha, it is very convenient and absolutely helpful for me especially, since I live in Dubai. Every time I want to learn something travelling to Chennai doesn’t work practically. So having an online college so well structured and in a very convenient manner really does a great favor and helps me stay in touch with what I love doing.I also love doing assignments. They are very challenging and give me the motivation to not lay back on work. Since my classes are scheduled on Wednesday, by Sunday I get this push if my work isn’t completed.I am a fan of the Meet Your Teacher Sessions, especially for the Master classes in Abhinaya and One to One in Nattuvangam. They are really helpful.

One thing I really appreciate is the friendly welcoming attitude of the whole eAmbalam team. Usha akka has been very prompt with replying to my mails. I did not have to ring up a hundred times, instead she used to call me. Naveen Anna, who was handling my technical issues initially also was very friendly and welcoming. Even Keshav Anna who handled my technical orientation helped me understand each feature very well. KUDOS! :)

Puja Unni


The course contents are good and useful. The design and structure of the course has been very well conceived. Inclusion of self learning Videos, Audio and PDF downloads solidifies learning . The assignments are very useful, with an easy to understand structure. Overall this is a good online tool and can become a great mode of education.

Easwary, Student – Foundation Course in Bhedhas & Hasthamudhras


The presentation was methodical by Vijna, the dance faculty while she explained the scope and extent of the course the very comprehensive way. Keshav was able to guide through the technical requirements and the portal in a very systematic approach both friendly and helpful.

Indu , Student – Foundation Course in Bhedhas & Hasthamudhras


Indira Akka has always pushed me to do my best in all areas in dance. Her amazing attention to detail and complete focus on your performance during each class is remarkable. She gives you her full attention and the patience to help you perfect each movement. This is very rare to find such a teacher. I am very blessed to have such care and guidance. Through all the hard work she is able to share the joy and beauty of the art form and the meanings of the songs, thus making each class rewarding both physically and mentally. It is truly a remarkable experience being in Akkas class.

Anapayini Jakupko (Director and Teacher at Bhakti Kalalayam Florida USA).


She has oodles of warmth, affection and caring attitude to one and all. My association with her has taught me great values be it in dance or to grow individually. The aura she carries around makes the whole place very divine and memorable.

Padmini S Upadhya (Bangalore)

By making us work on new ideas or stylization, she would coach us to think deeply and improvise. Her classes have always been invaluable for me. Through the years I have come to know akka as a good friend. A very warm and fun loving person with an open mind who is eager to help her friends and build lasting friendship with her students.

Komala Kumari Mayshark (USA)

Reflecting on my dance process I recognize that you have been a vital role in my dance journey and you will continue to be forever. You were my first guru to take me seriously and lead me through to this day. I have so much admiration and respect for you, and I feel extremely lucky to have been your student, having one on one time with you. Your grace and strength in dance and life has inspired me to be determined and steady. It’s with your love and wisdom that I have become whatever little I am. I never forget my days and the amount of knowledge I learnt when I was with you. I crave to back in your class room watching you dance. I remember sitting in the corner watching you practice, and being completely enamored with you and the way you moved.

There are many things that stood out to me that you taught me that I have not learnt from anyone else. You would always tell me to use dance as a form of worship, to make dance my Sadhana. To use dance as my prayer and my offering. I have never forgotten that and often reflect on it. 

Akka, you have no idea how much you have influenced my dance and my life. I will be in debt to you for my time spent. It was irreplaceable and priceless. Thank you for your love and guidance.

Ganga Seth, Odissi Dancer, USA

Learning from Indira Akka has been an inspiring and uplifting experience. I feel like she teaches so much more than just the technique of the dance style. She has taught me how to develop the attitude of a dancer, how to give life to every movement, and most importantly, how to fall in love with dance.

Miho (Israel)

Ms Leela Samson suggested me Indira Akka. Indira akka is a fantastic teacher. Every class i go i certainly discover a different aspect of abhinaya. Akka would concentrate even on a tiny nuance which would improvise the abhinaya so much. I feel very comfortable in her presence. I am proud to have a teacher like Indira akka. " Akka you are an inspiration".

Aarthi Natarajan (Bombay)

Smt Kalanidhi Narayanan, who then told me to go to one of her student: Indira Kadambi. I had my debut performance I choose a Kshetrayya padam. I thought it was maybe to difficult for me, but Akka said: “there’s nothing easy in dance, everything can be more or less interesting it depends on how you do it” and she showed me the first line of popular todi varnam “rupamu jochi”: I cried for the beauty and intensity of her expression. My program went on very well and all the public was so impressed by my abhinaya! Then I realized how her strict way of teaching was so useful!

Lucrezia Maniscotti (Italy)

Indira akka is a perfectionist. She would not let us go until that particular expression was expressed correctly. Just seeing her doing each expression, would give us the inspiration to strive for even more. It is very hard to get praise from akka, but when we do finally get the praise, we know that we have done it well and the expression has been executed clearly!

Pooja Kumar (USA)

She’s been more than a dance teacher for us. We had our tedious dance classes with a strict teacher and a joyful travel with a friendly buddy.

Deepthi Krishna ( Bangalore)


I consider Indira akka be the most responsible and professional dance teacher that I have ever come across. She made each one of us feel important and respected by paying attention and correcting us individually, helping us to gradually build our techniques and got the best out of us. She possesses all the traits of a good teacher (punctuality, experience, patience, creativity) and the most important one is that of an ability to inspire. Her classes were fun, hard, easy, and informative and complete…. All in all this great human being is truly inspirational."

Revathi .K (Bangalore)

The sequences of asanas that are integrated into each session can accommodate students of all levels and is perfectly balanced in addition to challenging each student both physically and mentally.

Vidhya Ramprasad

Sr HR Manager, India lead (COPCO, an FIS Company)

I have been practicing and teaching Yoga, Pranayama for over 6 years to quite a few who are closer to my home. This session has helped me in fine tuning many nuances, understanding correct postures, use of many Props and techniques to arrive at correct postures, etc. These sessions would be very useful for those venturing in to Yoga. I would recommend everyone to take advantage of these sessions.

Narendra V

Principal Consultant, TCS

For me, this was a big advantage since it allowed me to try out asanas which I thought I was not capable of. Second, he thinks scientifically about Yoga too – thus, reinforcing your belief in yoga as more than an exercise. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors with Yoga.”

Praphul Chandra

Research Scientist, HP Labs

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