Basic Diploma in Bharathanatyam – Semester III

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Basic Diploma in Bharathanatyam – Semester III

The students after undergoing a rigorous training in the  basics of Bharatanatyam in Semester 1 & 2, now focus on the challenging body movements that involve the co-ordination of Hands, Hand gestures (Hasta Mudhra), Head, Neck, Eye & Torso movements for the footwork that was taught in semester 1. They aim at performing all the Adavus in 3 speeds. In this course, the student will read in brief about Introduction to Natyashastra and Streams of Indian Music; learn static postures and dynamic movements of feet and legs under Pada Bedha – Part 1; uses of each Mudra under Asamyuta Hasta Viniyoga; a brief introduction to Carnatic music
Students are provided with high quality in depth step by step instructional videos, watching which they learn and present the same during one on one online class with the instructors helping them to enhance their learning. Audio downloads and PDF’s are provided to help the students in their practice. Students will have online assessments at the end of every module.
This course is for you if:
  • You have finished Semester 1 & 2  Basic diploma.
  • You are passionate to learn Bharatanatyam intensively.
  • You are a beginner in the field of Indian classical dance.
  • You are a performer of any dance genre in the world who is interested to learn Bharathanatyam in depth
  • You are a teacher who is interested to understand the art in depth and use it as a reference course.
Semester – III is a 6 month course with 24 one to one online sessions with the faculty. If students wish to extend the course duration, they can do it by paying a minimal fee. They could write to for more details. At the end of the course, students take up an assessment after which  they can continue with semester 4 of Basic Diploma in Bharatanatyam.
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Module I - Appreciation III


Module II - Adavu III


Module III - Pādha Bhedha I


Module IV – Asamyutha Hasthamudhra Viniyoga


Module V - Introduction to Karnātic music

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