Foundation course in Hasta Mudhra

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Foundation course in Hasta Mudhra

In this course, the student is enabled to have a sound knowledge of hand gestures in Bharathanatyam with emphasis on their various categories – the single and double hand gestures along with the definition verse, meanings and uses for each of them under Hasta Mudra viniyoga. Special emphasis is laid on understanding the hand gestures related to the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu, other deities, planets and even the ancient division of professions. Students are provided with high quality step by step instructional videos by watching which they learn the lessons and present the same during one on one online class with the instructors. Audio and PDF downloads are provided to help the students in their practice.
This course is for you if you are:
  • A layman interested in learning the intricacies of hand gestures.
  • A student in the beginners’ stage in Bharathanatyam or any dance genre with an interest to learn in-depth, the various concepts in hand gestures.
  • A regular performer who wants to improve your efficacy in portraying hand gestures.
  • A theatre artist who wants to learn hand gestures in depth for regular, mime & story telling performances.
  • A teacher who want to use this as a reference guide
The course duration is for 12 weeks with 9 one to one online classes with the instructor. If the student wishes to have extra classes, they could do it by paying additional fee. Contact for more details. This course can be done with or without certification. The students need to take an assessment at the end of the course if they need certification.
Students who have finished with Foundation Course in Bedhas & Hastha mudhras, Foundation course in Adavu, Basic theories in Bharathanatyam & Fitness for dancers course with good grades are eligible to take up 5th semester of Basic diploma in Bharatanatyam directly. Conditions apply. Contact for more details.
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Module 1 – Hastha Mudhra – Part 1


Module 2 – Hastha Mudhra – Part 2


Module 3 – Asamyutha Hastha viniyoga


Module 4 – Samyutha Hastha viniyoga

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