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Asanas in sitting position – Level 2

Price: 100 USD

Asanas in sitting position – Level 2

Sitting Asanas are an essential limb of Asana practice. Students are recommended to take Level 1 of Sitting Asanas before they take up Level 2. These Asanas can be maintained for prolonged period of time. They help in aligning the spine and develop a sense of stability required for practice of pranayama and meditation; play an important part in awakening the subtle energy centers that like above the navel, making us more conscious and discerning. This helps us not to lose ourselves to instinctive reaction patterns.
Patanjali Yoga Sutra says the master of Asana gives one a high degree of resilience towards pairs of opposites (Dvandva) like heat and cold, pleasure and discomfort. This refers mainly to sitting Asanas. These Asanas, though appear simple, gave a deep seated effect on the Prana and mind when sustained for prolonged periods of time. The more we learn to relax in these postures, easier it will be to sustain them for longer periods.
Students are provided with high quality Step by Step learning videos by watching which they learn the lessons and present the same during one on one online class with the instructors. For those who are not flexible, a video demonstration of the lessons using Yoga props are introduced along with postural corrections to enhance their learning.
This is a modular course. A modular course is defined as a part of the main course that can also be taken as a stand-alone. The modules are related to each other and when each module is combined with the rest, it becomes the complete yoga course. The advantage of taking Modular courses is that they can be taken as and when the student has time to do the course and also offers flexibility in payment. It may also be useful for those who, for whatever reason, may want to focus on one aspect of the yoga practice alone, probably as an adjunct for some other discipline they are pursuing. For example, a person working on computers all the time sitting on a chair may benefit from modular courses on back bending Asanas and relaxation Asanas, if there is no time to take up the entire course on yoga.
As a general case, it is recommended to do the courses sequentially as per General yoga – Level 1 & Level 2 if you are a beginner in Yoga. Those of you who are already practicing Yoga may take up the course of your choice.
Duration of this course is 4 weeks with 3 one to one online sessions with the teacherIf a student wishes to extend the course duration, they can do it by paying a nominal fee. For more details, kindly email to admin@eambalam.com
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