Swarasthana in Carnatic Music – Advanced (Male Voice)

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Swarasthana in Carnatic Music – Advanced (Male Voice)

This is one of the important basic course for beginner students to gain a firm grip over Swarasthanas, the position of the musical notes by singing Swara patterns in different range of octaves in different speeds and in different melodies (Raga). There are four modules – Janti Sarali, Sthayi Sarali, Briga Sadhaka Sarali and Sarali in different Ragas.
The objective of the four modules are:
  • Under Jhanti exercises, students gain a firm grip over Swarasthanas &learn to sing double & triples of a single note or swara in four speeds (4 kaalas).
  • Under Sthayi Sarali Varisai Students gain command over singing in different range of octaves by opening up the vocal chords through singing of all lessons Dwi-sthayi (two octaves), Thri-sthayi (3 octave), Thara-sthayi (higher octave) and Mandhra-sthayi (lower octave) in four speeds (4 kaalas).
  • Under Briga Sadhaka Sarali, the students undergo a rigorous training in culturing the voice to execute fast, intricate and complex phrases.
  • Under Raga Sarali Varisai, students gain command over singing of different Ragas such as Mohana, Madhyamavathi, Shankarabharana, Karaharapriya & Shuddha Thodi in four speeds (4 kaalas) including the voice culture exercises in Akara, Ikara, Ukara, Ekara and Hmmkara.
Students are provided with high quality in depth step by step instructional videos, watching which they learn and present the same during one on one online class with the instructors helping them to enhance their learning. Audio downloads, Shruti downloads, Notations, Glossary and PDF’s are provided to help the students in their practice. Students will have online assessments at the end of every module.
This course is for you if you have finished the Basic course under Swarasthana Modular course. A modular course is defined as a part of the main course that can stand-alone. The topics are related and when combined with all other parts, become the entire course. The advantage of taking Modular course is that it can be taken as and when the student has time to do the course and also offers flexibility in payment option. Here, Sthayi Sarali Varisai is part of the main Basic course in Carnatic music.
This course is for the duration 16 weeks with 16 weekly one to one classes with the instructor. If you wish to extend the course, write to Conditions apply.
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Module 1: Jhanti Varisai


Module 2 : Sthaayi Swaravali


Module 3 : Briga Sadhhaka Swaravali


Module 4 : Raga Lakshna


Module 5 : Raga Swaravali

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