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Yoga Therapy for Diabetes

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Yoga Therapy for Diabetes

In this course, Yogic techniques are used to address Diabetes. Asanas and Pranayama recommended in the course, when used under expert guidance, have the potential to reduce or completely eliminate some or all of the symptoms related to Diabetes. Over a period of time the insulin resistance of the body can be reversed and the pancreas can be rejuvenated to produce enough insulin. In few cases, diabetes may even be totally eliminated when the therapy is started in early stages.
Yoga, though not primarily meant to be a healing system, has the potential to heal many diseases. Therapeutic use of yoga techniques is so popular today that many think yoga is only a kind of alternate therapy! The shat kriyas of Hata yoga especially, are designed to bring the body back to balance.
The course has been designed by experienced practitioners to suit your needs. The course has excellent demonstration videos, step by step detailed learning videos using Props, demonstration of commonly done mistakes followed by postural corrections, one to one interaction with the faculty and much more.
The course duration is 14 weeks with 14 one to one sessions with the instructor. If the students wish to extend the course, contact admin@eambalam.com for more details. Conditions apply.
About Diabetes
The food that we eat is broken down into glucose for growth and energy. The excess glucose present in the body, after digestion, is used by the cells for development. However, the body requires the presence of insulin (a protein that regulates blood glucose levels) hormone to move glucose, from blood into the cells. Diabetes is a disease that is characterized by abnormal high levels of sugar in the blood. It is either caused due to lack of insulin or due to insulin resistance which is the lack of response from cells to insulin produced by the body. Type-1 diabetes develops due to fault in the genes that make insulin and is seen in young adults and teenagers. Diabetes caused by failure of response to insulin is called type 2 diabetes that gradually leads to less production of insulin by tiring the pancreas. Type -2 is more common type of diabetes and is found in adults. It is caused mainly due to stress and lifestyle factors.
Common Symptoms
Frequent urination; Extreme hunger; Feeling too thirsty; Loss of weight; Fatigue; Slow healing of injury; Blurred vision
Hereditary or genetic factor; Obesity; Stress, tensions and worries; Excess intake of oil and sugar; Lack of physical exercise; High blood pressure
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